Kylie Gellatly

Shoulder This

The Model

From the Author: This pair of poems comes from my current project of found poetry, in which the cutting up and dismembering of cookbooks provides text for poetry that further explores interspecies relations, gender, and the chains of dissociation built into our society that make this territory so tricky to navigate. The act of writing each poem is an unearthing and remembering of the complicated cycle that brings us our food, which includes my own past working in professional kitchens and as a butcher. The experimentation with image and text is a negotiation of the tension between subject and object, eater and eaten, human and animal. 

Kylie Gellatly is the author of The Fever Poems (Finishing Line Press, 2021). Her visual poems are recently published or forthcoming in DIAGRAM, Diode, Tupelo Quarterly, TAB Journal, The Hunger, and elsewhereKylie has received support from the Vermont Studio Center and the Juniper Writing Institute. She is a Frances Perkins Scholar at Mount Holyoke College and is the Editor-in-Chief of the Mount Holyoke Review as well as Reviews Editor for Green Mountains Review. For more, visit