Kurt David

Premature Mixtape (Side A)

i. pregame

i don’t feel like dancing.1 i wanna dance
with somebody (who loves
me)2 on the regular.3 THATS WHAT
I WANT:4 limp wrist & a
steady hand,5 haircut,6 heart
to break.7 over and over.8

ii. poppers

now that i found you,9 indulge
me.10 vroom vroom,11 put your
back n 2 it.12 make me feel13 god
-speed,14 bike dream,15 bush
-fire16 hand to mouth.17 talkin’
bout a revolution.18

iii. pillowtalk

people, i’ve been sad.19 loose
garment,20 computer blue.21 spiralling.22
what?23 was it something i said?24
got to be real25 now, i’m all
messed up.26 a little lost.27 please stay.28
please please please.29 lacrimae!30

Premature Mixtape (Side B)

Pass me those craft scissors? I’m too sleepy
for remixed Whitney, sweaty men
swarming with sham tans, pierced
ears, nasty, x-rated dance moves.
Let’s strum our gay banjos in peace,
our cryin’ beady eyes too big
for our bellies: homemade kimchi, fresh lettuce
wraps, side of sufferin succotash.
Look: I really, really, really, really like you.
10  Moses wandered the desert for some
11  not-quite XCX years, and I spritzed myself
12  with perfume for twice that, easy. Flagrant genius
13  of the first date, dropping Chanel money
14  on faux-frank conversations. I crossed oceans
15  full of flotsam to get to you, dodging
16  B-52 lovebombs and a flotilla
17  of Georges and Michaels. Now here
18  you are, kissing my racy, chapped lips.
19  Christen me queen as the light
20  moans off the moon—uh, waxing
21  philosophic against monarchy?
22  O democracy of johnsons!
23  What easy sells! Such soft
24  wooly sweater vests
25  and feral, linsome
26  twins—identical despite
27  their famed fraternal arts. Rustle up
28  a loosey! Day’s breaking.
29  I’ll cut an apple, and we’ll split
30  everything even-stevens.

From the Author: “(Side A)” is a cento of song titles, whose corresponding artists are identified—often sonically or associatively—in the footnotes of “(Side B).” Together, these multimedia poems are an ode to queer music and queer love. I dedicate them to all the boys I ever made a mix for.

Kurt David is a public school teacher and unionist. His creative work has appeared in FoglifterGulf CoastSplit Lip, and elsewhere. He lives with his boyfriend in Lenapehoking/Philadelphia. For more, visit www.kurt-david.com.