J. Haesoo Jeung

From the Author: These poems were animated from the mourning of my gender dysphoria: a past self has had to be dismantled with the very hands which once held and protected them. When some part of you has been diligently grown and watered for the sake of your survival, and you have come to find comfort and safety in it, how can you just simply take it out back? Two is company. Where fermentation, loss, and creation meet in resilient heart, may these two serve as an echolocation to all that’s survived and all that will be conquered still.

J. Haesoo Jeung, globetrotter and philosophy graduate from Kalamazoo College, is currently spending their time as a rising poet and independent scholar on Lacanian psychoanalysis and Critical Social Theory. Previously based in the US, Germany, Spain, and the UK, they are now traveling onto their next destination.