Avni Vyas

From the Author: In the past year, as everything around us spins out of control, I’ve grown fascinated by the unit of the sentence, particularly the choreography of syntax. Using digital erasure and collage to explore source materials in this way invites closer attention to language, and affords a nice distance from a unified “I,” like I was using in my earlier work. It’s so, so nice to escape the self and invite it back into the verse cautiously. For these poems, “Gamble On…” was composed using an online horoscope; “I Grew Up Compatible With…” was composed using an interview from an old issue of Poets and Writers I found while unpacking books.  

Avni Vyas is the author of Little God (Burrow Press 2021) and co-author of Candy In Our Brains (CutBank 2014). She serves as the essay editor for Honey Literary and poetry editor at The Offending Adam. Her work has been published in journals such as Meridian, Grist, Conjunctions, Third Coast, Juked, and others. She teaches in the Writing Program at New College of Florida. You can visit her on Instagram(@singstooloud) and Twitter (@AvniDangerfield).